Inflatable Cats, Sunstroke and Weird Drunken Web Searches

So I’ve not blogged for a bit, been busy enjoying my freedom! AKA watching back to back episodes of Game of Thrones only to emerge, blinking into the light, when I’ve run out of ice-cream. I wish I were kidding. But Ben & Jerry’s has been half price.

So exams are over for another year (hopefully)! And for the first time in three years I finished before my birthday. I am now 21! Scary Mary. And to celebrate my entrance into true adulthood, I spent the day, sitting in the scorching sun, drinking from 11am, eating pizza and ending the night skinny dipping in the sea. As fun as this may sound, it turned out to be quite a stupid, and dangerous idea. I burnt like a lobster over the day. No one quite believes how excessively I burn, until they see if with their own eyes. Two hours in the sun before I could grab sun cream, and a week and a half later my shoulder (just one, goddamnit) is still red. I blame my dad. I may not be fully ginger, but he was and I have inherited his pasty, freckly skin. Anyway, a mixture of day drinking and sun led to a very dehydrated birthday girl wearing party pants and a massive badge. Then jumping into very cold water with such an overheated body was not a good plan. I ended up with sunstroke. Now, if anyone had ever had sunstroke, they know how awful it is. I spent my first morning of being a fully grown adult, with my head in the toilet for three hours, my body temperature so high I was violently shivering and shaking, unable to walk without feeling nauseas and so weak. I do not recommend.

Aside from that, I had a great 21st and it was certainly memorable! I’m going to see Les Miserables at the West End as a present from my parents. I am SO excited about that. I literally know every word to every song, the audience are going to hate me. I’ve also really wanted a pet. I love my animals, but being at university I’ve only got a hamster, Rafeeki. My mum is getting another kitten and I’ve been nagging and nagging about letting me get a cat. So my mum told me for my birthday she had got me something I’ve always really wanted. I was so excited. Is she finally going to say I can have a cat!?



Thinking she is HILARIOUS she got me a balloon cat saying, “now you have a cat that you can take for a walk and it’s free!” So witty.

As I’ve already mentioned, exams are over so naturally I’ve been celebrating. Typical student style: alcohol and food. I realised how much of a student I am the other day when I had to iron my dress with a hair dryer. It kinda worked. Kinda. Yes, I don’t own an iron. Yes, that is the first time I have “ironed” in a year. Probably the second time in total since I arrived at university three years ago. Probably the same dress too.

I’ve also realised that my mind gets very strange when under the influence of alcohol. Recently, after nights out, I have found myself researching very strange things on the web. Such as, the Illuminati. And the other night I was watching motivational videos about “what would you do if money were not an issue.” I don’t really know what gets into me when I’ve had a cheeky vodka.

But now, I am going to bed. I had to slave away last night behind the bar at our university summer ball. Didn’t get to bed until 7am. Goddamn work. How am I gonna deal next year when I’m a graduate?


Today, I can’t be bothered to write much.

I don’t really have much to blog about today so instead, I thought I’d upload some photo’s 🙂

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I have a dog. A very stupid, but very sweet Golden Retriever called Harry. And I sometimes like to wrap him up in a duvet. Just, you know, for the jokes.

But doing things like this makes him go a little weird. Actually, he just does this anyway…

It’s so irritating when he decides to roll around like this when you take him out on the lead -_-

I’ve also got four cats, one of which is still a kitten really, who has currently been banished to my room for being annoying. She keeps doing this…

Poor kid’s just trying to sleep!

So now I have her yowling at me as I type :/

And I also have three younger brothers (kill me now). Sometimes they can be sweet…


Samuel is the one on the left, he’s three years old and William is the one on the right, aged one.

A lot of the time messy…

Don’t ever feed kids chocolate cake…

We play in the park…

William playing on the swings 🙂

Samuel pulling off the pink 😛

And pose for pictures 😛

Sometimes regularly they get grumpy…

Attitude problem already!

We read stories…

Avid reading… not at all posing 😉

But, the best time of the day is BEDTIME!

Urm… cute?

My cat attacks vets and runs into doors…

I have about fifty-bazillion and four cats. And today, one of them provided me with great entertainment when he ran into the glass door.

Cruel. But funny.

Like this.

Frazzle getting into the Christmas mood! He loves it really…

Now this cat has some serious issues. For starters, my mum named him after a bag of Frazzle crisps so really, he was doomed from day one. He’s also quite boss-eyed and so always has that “oh, I’ve just been hit in the face by a frying pan” look about him (I haven’t, by the way, I’m not quite that cruel). He’s also got this crazy, feral streak. When we got our cat Elliot he went off the rails and wouldn’t let anyone go near him. He attacked the vet, who then had to go and call for backup to try and get him back in his basket. It was pretty much a military operation, I thought they might get the drugged darts in. Now every time he goes back the vet is sure to wear gloves.

He smacked my dad around the face once too. That was pretty funny actually, and it was one hell of a jump! My dad ended up with a pretty deep cut on his nose and I ended up with sore stomach muscles from laughing so much. The vet even recommended getting a cat behaviour counsellor for him. He lost the plot a little bit I think.

Little bit evil. We always get the weird animals.

Man’s Best Friend

Naww Harry, my poor, stupid dog. He had to have two tumours taken off of his legs and because he keeps licking his stitches he has to wear a lovely pair of my dads socks.

Harry is a Golden Retriever, but the worst one you possibly could have. Personally, I don’t think he’s a real dog. For starters, he can’t swim. We took him to the lakes once and as soon as he got far enough into the water that his feet couldn’t touch the bottom he panicked and half drowning/ half swimming he struggled out and refused to go back in. He also can’t retrieve- you throw a ball and he either can’t see it and stands there, dumbly looking around, or he catches it and then runs off to hide under the trampoline where he knows you can’t get to him. His sense of smell is shocking. You play the game of ‘which hand is the treat in’ and nine times out of ten he will get it wrong. He is also bullied by our cat, who, for the record is tiny. She steals his dog food, literally pushes him out of the way, so she can eat it. She beats him up so he can’t walk past her and when you come down in the morning it will be her in his dog bed, taking up a tiny little space whilst he has been banished to the floor. She’s more of a dog than he is.

He is the cutest albeit stupidest dog though. He still thinks he is a puppy and will come and sit on your lap. When he was little this was fine. He could curl up on your lap and fall asleep. But now he’s five years old and fully grown, he can only fit half a butt cheek onto your lap- that doesn’t stop him though. He’s also the best company when you ever need to let off steam. On goes his lead and off we can go on a long, long walk, through the country, through the woods, down by the canal. And if you ever need some fun, make him stand on his back legs and dance!

Get better soon, Harry!