And I’m back! Hopefully.

Wow, it’s been a very, very, long time since I’ve blogged. And finally, a new post! Hopefully I won’t fail at life and stop writing again. Now to try and get some followers back!

So in the past year or so since I have wrote, I’ve been on a pilgrimage in Spain, finished my first year (again) of my new course and almost completed my second year, been to Budapest, got mugged and had to use some mad martial arts (but that’s a whole blog post on its own!) and have started the “100 Happy Days” thing. This is going to be quite a long post I’m afraid as I’m going to (hopefully) get up to date with my Happy Days.

Day one, 27th February:


Got started on my “100 Happy Days” very nicely! Me and the girls have started a “Come Dine with Me”- esque thing where one of us cooks and the other two supply the wine. Very nice evening with very good food!

28th February:


This is me dressed as Elmo. This is literally the BEST thing I have ever brought! I’m fundraising for Kilimanjaro (I have to go this August now) and spent the night at the Student Union raising money for Meningitis Research Foundation, very, very drunk. Imagine this twerking. That was me. But raised over £100!

March 1st:


Very nice evening after another day of fundraising, hungover, dressed as Elmo. Spent it with the girls, listening to live music, drinking cocktails, overlooking the harbour.

2nd March:


I got a free t-shirt as training. Simple pleasures 🙂

3rd March:


Bastille at the Pavilions. INCREDIBLE. Dan, marry me!!! Such a good night watching an awesome band.

4th March:


Most surreal night ever! Ended up on stage with Miranda Hart ❤ in front of 4000 people, then went backstage on a “date” with some guy, got photos taken with her, my “Where’s Wally” hat signed and some wine, then back on stage after the interval. Massive love for Miranda, still cannot believe what happened!

5th March:


Don’t worry, almost there! Got my second tattoo and the start of the beautiful weather began so took advantage with an icecream and a stroll along the coast.

6th March:

Just a girly night in with lots of food, wine and Pitch Perfect!


7th March:


The lush weather continues, chilling on the roof terrace and my little chum and ex-housemate Paul(ine) came down to stay.

8th March:


Fight Night! Went off to Bolton with Saints to watch the Super Showdown, 7 hours of professional Muay Thai fights, close enough to see the blood, sweat and brutal knockouts, my idea of fun! Complete with a night spent at a grubby Manchester hostel 🙂

9th March:

My old housemate in my first year of university who left at the start of second year came down to visit for Sunday Funday! Didn’t think I would be back from Manchester to see her, but made it and had an awesome night out, like old times!

10th March:

Beeeeeautiful weather, which meant one thing… screw revision, lets go to the sea with an icecream!


And finally…. today, 11th March



It sounds pretty lame, but I would definitely recommend the “100 Happy Days” as I’ve found myself going out of my way to do something that I enjoy, even if it’s something small 🙂