Smaaaaall world!

I have had one of those really random, really weird things happen to me that makes me realise just how small a world we live in! However, telling this story does have to start with a confession. I’m on Tinder. There, I said it. Not in a random hook up way, but more of a really horrible, I love to judge the men, type of way aha. This is important to my story, not just something I have to randomly get off of my chest!

So last summer I went out with one of my girl friends into London. She started hitting it off with this charming American man and, being the top wing-woman, I chatted to her friend. Luckily for me he was very good looking, funny, into his Martial Arts, loved Anchorman and most importantly, rich 😉 (JOKING. Mostly.). Safe to say, we hit it off. However. Snag. He had an unhappy relationship with a girl in America. Don’t worry, I’m not a home-wrecker, nothing cheeky happened, we just chatted, he took me out to dance with the saxophone man (you Londoners out there might know of whom I’m talking about). He told me if he didn’t have a girlfriend, he would have loved to see me again. But he did, so we parted and I thought nothing of it.

Until a couple of weeks ago. The weirdest thing happened and somehow, we matched on Tinder. It turned out he was down near where I live for the first time in over a year, just for a couple of days and by some craziness, we had got back into contact. Neither of us could quite believe it, convinced we wouldn’t see each other again! He wanted to meet up, but unfortunately I had an exam and then he left. But now he’s down near where I live again and I’m not there! But, he may be staying a little longer, so we may be meeting up.

Smaaall world. Freaky deaky.


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