A very strange dream.

I’m prone to having very odd, very weird dreams. And last night, well, lived up to that standard and was too strange to not post. Not really sure what it says about my mind.

I was on holiday with my friend, doing all the lovely holiday things (we went to some weird places but I can’t really remember the details), taking lots of photos. Next thing I know, I was in the desert with my dad and my little brother, walking away from a big crowd. I turned and saw none other than… ANT AND DEC! Super excited, I begged with my dad to go back. He wasn’t having it, but I couldn’t let an opportunity to meet Ant and Dec be missed!!! So, I went back and had a nice chat with Dec as Ant had gone off somewhere. My dad and little brother had given in and came to find me. Dec tried to say hello to my little bro-seph (he’s five, by the way) but he got shy. So I told him that he was the man on TV that pranked people. Cue big hug.

The next thing I know I’m back at school and my new timetable tells me that on Friday’s I have period one and period two of “Sherlock” with my teacher being Benedict Cumberbatch (massive love for him). Very,Β veryΒ excited I went to assembly and sat down. To which, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH sat next to me. Massive girly swoon. However, turns out he was drunk. He kept lying across the chairs and quoting a hell of a lot of Sherlock Holmes to me. I was very sad as I knew he would be too hungover to teach Sherlock 😦

I finally ended up back with my friend, still on holiday, yet outside a bar that is from where I live. My friend told me that she had seen Johnny Depp (another of my future husbands) go into the bar before. Determined to find him, we loitered outside playing table football… yes, there was a table football table on the pavement. And lo and behold, the beautiful Johnny Depp walked out of the house next door and straight into the bar. I was watching him through the window as he played pool and he saw me looking. I politely asked for a autograph and a photo, which he laughed and accepted… LIFE MADE. But as I climbed in through the window- doors aren’t good enough for me- he shouted, “Oh My God, they saw me! What if other people have seen me!?” I thiiiink they were making the bar into a drug den. Johnny pulled out a gun (very much like the one from POTC) and put it against my head, “If you tell anyone, or show anyone the photos we are about to take, I will eat ALL of your fingers!” I distinctly heard someone shout, “He finks ‘e’s Jack Sparra!” Once I agreed to not tell anyone, we went to chill out on the beach and Johnny kept asking me really deep and meaningful questions as we tried to take photos with him. He then went through my friends camera and saw a really cool 2 second clip of a roller-coaster and lights flying everywhere. “Make sure you upload the pictures of the trolls,” he said, “I want them for my Facebook page.”

Aaaand, then I woke up. Definitely one of my stranger dreams. Life lesson: never meet your heroes?


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