Off to the Netherlands!!!

I’m starting to get super excited as I’m off to the Netherlands tomorrow.The first 6 days is part of a university field trip, where will be staying near Utrecht and conducting research at four zoos- Burger, Amsterdam, Apenheul Primate Park and Rotterdam zoo. I’m most excited about Apenheul as it’s the first zoo where monkeys are free roaming. The next 5 days will be spent with my friends in Amsterdam!

As is customary for me when I go to a new place, I have made a mini bucket list of all of the things I need to do in Amsterdam/ Utrecht.

  1. Visit a coffee shop.
  2. See Anne Franks house.
  3. Chill out at Vondelpark.
  4. Go to Albert Cuypmarkt.
  5. Ride a bike in Amsterdam.
  6. Ride a bike from the hostel to Utrecht.
  7. Visit the Royal Palace.
  8. Have a drink in the Irish Pub.
  9. Go to the Red Light District.
  10. Have a boat ride along the canal.
  11. Have a night out in Amsterdam.
  12. Climb the Domtoren (Utrecht)

If there’s anything else anyone can recommend let me know! Can’t wait!


Is it right to kill our animals?

I’m an animal behaviour and welfare student and got into a bit of a debate with someone on my course about Marius the giraffe, sparked by this article..

She believes a genetically “dead” animal should be killed in the name of conservation. That genetically sound animals should be favoured. That we dissect and kill animals every day without thought, but because its a “cute, cuddy mammal” opinions are different. 

I do not agree. Call me a hippy or whatever, but an innocent, healthy animal does not deserve to be slaughtered. It is the humans fault alone that the animals have become inbred. We have kept them in captivity. It is especially unjust when it is an animal such as the giraffe. It’s status is of least concern, it is merely there for humans to look at, there is no conservation purpose. The zoo had plenty of offers from other places who would have taken the giraffe rather than kill it. They didn’t give the giraffe up to any zoos, including one in Yorkshire with giraffe facilities and a space for another male because “any space should be reserved for a genetically more important giraffe.” Personally, I don’t agree with this, humans putting animals into captivity and killing them because they are worthless to their aims. In a similar way I’m not a fan of zoos, the only way we can really help is by putting more effort into saving habitats rather than breeding a few animals that are not capable to being released into the wild anyway, and then killing them if they are surplus. I agree with the aims of Born Free or PETA for example that aim to help groups that rescue/ care for animals but don’t breed them, as breeding them leads to things like this. 

But hey, quite a few people seem to disagree with me! What does everyone else think?


I don’t really have much to say today, but just wanted to post this clip.This ending is my favourite of any film. The song is one of my favourites, a classic. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favourite films of all time.

I even have a lame drawing on my wall of this quote:Image

I love this quote more every time I look at it. I want more moments like that, with people I actually care about. Just those little moments, sitting in the park at night… staying up talking instead of sleeping… listening to that song and screaming because it’s “your song.” Gah, there are people I hate to think about, but you can’t help remember the fun you had with them. And I suppose that’s better than having nothing.

It’s moments when I look at the stars and it’s funny. I feel so small and insignificant that I feel infinite. It doesn’t really make sense. But, in the grand scheme of how small we are in comparison to the universe, I feel like I am limitless. My tiny, minuscule part in time is so small that, why should I have any limits? Why shouldn’t I feel infinite?


Not gonna lie, I usually get really annoyed about these “campaigns.” Like “ooh change your Facebook status to the colour of your pants and you will find the cure for blindness.” blah blah blah. There’s no point to these things if no one knows what you are doing and if you’re not actually donating any money/ raising some sort of awareness.

That said, I did upload my no makeup selfie:


This campaign is different to the other ones. For most people. I have still seen a lot of people uploading a picture saying, “#nomakeupselfie” with no donation or hint at what they are doing. WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!? But by nominating people to upload a picture, DONATE and tell people to touch their boobies and their moobies, a difference can actually be made. A million pounds worth of a difference in fact! Cancer Research have a huuuuge influx of donations, mainly via text, in the past 24h hours. So lets keep it going!

Text “BEAT” to 70007 so future generations do not have to suffer from cancer. 

It can be beaten.

Smaaaaall world!

I have had one of those really random, really weird things happen to me that makes me realise just how small a world we live in! However, telling this story does have to start with a confession. I’m on Tinder. There, I said it. Not in a random hook up way, but more of a really horrible, I love to judge the men, type of way aha. This is important to my story, not just something I have to randomly get off of my chest!

So last summer I went out with one of my girl friends into London. She started hitting it off with this charming American man and, being the top wing-woman, I chatted to her friend. Luckily for me he was very good looking, funny, into his Martial Arts, loved Anchorman and most importantly, rich 😉 (JOKING. Mostly.). Safe to say, we hit it off. However. Snag. He had an unhappy relationship with a girl in America. Don’t worry, I’m not a home-wrecker, nothing cheeky happened, we just chatted, he took me out to dance with the saxophone man (you Londoners out there might know of whom I’m talking about). He told me if he didn’t have a girlfriend, he would have loved to see me again. But he did, so we parted and I thought nothing of it.

Until a couple of weeks ago. The weirdest thing happened and somehow, we matched on Tinder. It turned out he was down near where I live for the first time in over a year, just for a couple of days and by some craziness, we had got back into contact. Neither of us could quite believe it, convinced we wouldn’t see each other again! He wanted to meet up, but unfortunately I had an exam and then he left. But now he’s down near where I live again and I’m not there! But, he may be staying a little longer, so we may be meeting up.

Smaaall world. Freaky deaky.

Liebster Award!!!

Well I’ve somehow gone and been nominated for an award- The Liebster Award, an award for blogs with less than 200 followers, nominated by other bloggers and so a MASSIVE thanks to tenthousandladybirds, its great to be back blogging and knowing that (at least one person!) enjoys my post 🙂


Here are the rules of the award:

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs you think are worthy of the award (but they must have less than 200 followers).
5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Here are the questions for me to answer!

1) What made you want to start your blog?

I originally started this blog a loong time ago just for the pure love of writing really! I’m not a particularly open person in real life so I think it was quite nice to vent at strangers! I’ve restarted recently since I’ve started the 100 Happy Days (which will be updated soon!) as I’m trying to actively doing something that I enjoy everyday, which includes writing!

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you be?

This is very difficult for me! I want to travel sooo much and sooo badly, but I think my one requirement has to be by the sea. I don’t mind where I live, as long as I am by the sea, it is my favourite place in all of the world.

3) Who would you like to play you in the movie of your life?

I have a massive woman crush on Jennifer Lawrence, but she is far too hot haha, so I would have to go for Helena Bonham Carter. She’s so weird and unique and an incredible actress. Plus she knows Johnny Depp so maybe she could put in a good word for me….

4) What’s the last book you read?

Hmmm, I’m usually a massive bookworm but with coursework and revision I haven’t had much time recently! I’m currently reading Les Miserables. Yeah, I know all the songs off by heart. In fact, this even happened:

I bloody think I’m hilarious. But I think the last book I finished reading was “Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy.”

5) Favourite time of day?

Night time. I love the dark. I love the stars. They always make me feel so small.

6) What is your earliest memory?

Strangely, I was actually talking about this the other day! I was two and being carried up the steps onto an aeroplane to Tenerife, screeeaming. Which I more or less do now, hate flying!

7) What would you say is your biggest achievement in life so far?

Black belt in Taekwondo 😀 Hurrah!!! Took me seven years and a lot of my parents money but I’m a qualified Ninja 😉 Kind of.

6) What is your greatest fear?

To always be second best. I’m competitive in terms of sport and work and in terms of the dreaded, non-existent “love life,” every time, without fail, have been second best to someone else. Proper frustrating and that.

7) Which of your physical features would you say is the best?

Hm. My eyes because they are a strange colour?

8) What is your guilty pleasure?

One Direction. Oh God. There, I said it! I would never admit it to my One Direction mad housemates, but I do have a little love for them. I even dreamt Harry was my boyfriend and we lived in a castle. It was great.

9) What’s your fancy dress costume of choice?

Well, I’m very strange when it comes to fancy dress. Previous choices have been: tramp, fat friar tuck, the girl from The Ring, Psyduck (Pokemon) and Elmo. I hate girls that dress as sluts for fancy dress. I even wrote a strongly worded post about this before haha. Right now, I have an epic Elmo mascot costume so that would definitely have to be my first choice!

10) What is your happiest memory?

That is difficult. Probably when my little brothers were born. The youngest two, as the age gap being so big, I can remember it well.

11) What’s your favourite meme?

Oh I knew this answer straight away! Love this meme!


Oh My God, it literally gets me every time.

11 Random Facts about Me:

  1. Before I turned 14 I had lived in 6 different houses.
  2. I’m very strongly Atheist.
  3. I have two tattoos.
  4. I still sleep with cuddly toys in my bed… I’m goddamn nearly 21!
  5. Me and my little brother have a best friend hand shake.
  6. My procrastination levels got so bad once, I applied for deal or no deal!
  7. Until I was nearly 19, I was convinced the word “tickle” was called “tiggle.” Call myself a writer!
  8. I’ve used my self defence once- last month I got mugged in Budapest and had to get a man off of me!
  9. I once went skinny dipping and lost all my clothes, front door keys, driving licence etc. to the sea D:
  10. I’m trying to write a book
  11. I’m climbing Kilimanjaro in the summer… wish me luck!

And finally… My 11 Nominations 🙂

  1. nonprophetadam
  2. vengeanceforpluto
  3. mnvisuals
  4. michaellauder
  5. ouaiamerican
  6. blogizing
  7. possiblysomedaymaybe
  8. eggylittlemelody
  9. fatmadcat
  10. notallwhowonderarelost
  11. ozonethunderstormsgunpowder

And here are my questions to you!

  1. What is your quirkiest feature?
  2. Do you think you’ll ever stop blogging?
  3. Who is your celebrity crush?
  4. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  5. If you could have one perfect day, to do whatever you liked, what would you do?
  6. Would you go into space, given the opportunity?
  7. Do you believe in the supernatural?
  8. What was your favourite childhood TV programme?
  9. What is your favourite memory?
  10. If you had to eat one thing, every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
  11. Do you believe in fate?

Massive thank you again for my nomination!!! 😀

A very strange dream.

I’m prone to having very odd, very weird dreams. And last night, well, lived up to that standard and was too strange to not post. Not really sure what it says about my mind.

I was on holiday with my friend, doing all the lovely holiday things (we went to some weird places but I can’t really remember the details), taking lots of photos. Next thing I know, I was in the desert with my dad and my little brother, walking away from a big crowd. I turned and saw none other than… ANT AND DEC! Super excited, I begged with my dad to go back. He wasn’t having it, but I couldn’t let an opportunity to meet Ant and Dec be missed!!! So, I went back and had a nice chat with Dec as Ant had gone off somewhere. My dad and little brother had given in and came to find me. Dec tried to say hello to my little bro-seph (he’s five, by the way) but he got shy. So I told him that he was the man on TV that pranked people. Cue big hug.

The next thing I know I’m back at school and my new timetable tells me that on Friday’s I have period one and period two of “Sherlock” with my teacher being Benedict Cumberbatch (massive love for him). Very, very excited I went to assembly and sat down. To which, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH sat next to me. Massive girly swoon. However, turns out he was drunk. He kept lying across the chairs and quoting a hell of a lot of Sherlock Holmes to me. I was very sad as I knew he would be too hungover to teach Sherlock 😦

I finally ended up back with my friend, still on holiday, yet outside a bar that is from where I live. My friend told me that she had seen Johnny Depp (another of my future husbands) go into the bar before. Determined to find him, we loitered outside playing table football… yes, there was a table football table on the pavement. And lo and behold, the beautiful Johnny Depp walked out of the house next door and straight into the bar. I was watching him through the window as he played pool and he saw me looking. I politely asked for a autograph and a photo, which he laughed and accepted… LIFE MADE. But as I climbed in through the window- doors aren’t good enough for me- he shouted, “Oh My God, they saw me! What if other people have seen me!?” I thiiiink they were making the bar into a drug den. Johnny pulled out a gun (very much like the one from POTC) and put it against my head, “If you tell anyone, or show anyone the photos we are about to take, I will eat ALL of your fingers!” I distinctly heard someone shout, “He finks ‘e’s Jack Sparra!” Once I agreed to not tell anyone, we went to chill out on the beach and Johnny kept asking me really deep and meaningful questions as we tried to take photos with him. He then went through my friends camera and saw a really cool 2 second clip of a roller-coaster and lights flying everywhere. “Make sure you upload the pictures of the trolls,” he said, “I want them for my Facebook page.”

Aaaand, then I woke up. Definitely one of my stranger dreams. Life lesson: never meet your heroes?