Spider-Maaaan Party!

So I did a “cute” thing. Feel free to cry, uncontrollably shriek, “naaaaaaaawwwwww” and ask Santa to have me as your very own big sister. The other weekend was my lickle brothers fourth birthday and I thought I would surprise him on his birthday as I hadn’t seen him in over a two months. Unfortunately, the weekend I went home was also the weekend of the floods and so the train tracks were down. Bloody English weather. But, me being the best big sister ever, took the alternative route home, braved the replacement coaches, spent many hours waiting at unknown stations, all on my lonesome in the icy cold, nearly freezing to death, carrying my heavy load with a broken toe (unfortunate kickboxing injury involving a violent game of bulldog, a mat and a snapped pinky toe.. sad times, but that’s another story), no food, practically dead from starvation…

Ok, so I may have exaggerated a little, but what is normally a three hour journey home, did still take me seven hours instead. Big sister points right there!

Anyway, so I finally made it home at about eleven o’clock the night before his birthday. The next morning, at about half past 6(!) I heard a very excited Samuel coming down the stairs, shouting that it was his birthday and going into the living room to open his presents. My present was the first- a Spider-man costume! I could hear screams of excitement and cries of, “SPIDER-MAN!!!!!” when my mum asked him to go and let the cat out of my room. Not knowing I was in there, he opened the door and came in.

“Happy birthday, Samuel!”

***Generic happy squeals of “CHANG-UT” (he still has difficulty saying my name) and “BEST FRIEND” accompanied with lots of jumping up and down, on the bed and on me and our ‘best friend handshake’.***


It was pretty expensive (and I’m a poor, poor student 😦 ), but definitely worth it. Plus, I got to eat loads of cake and rubbish at his Spider-man themed party 😛