It just doesn’t make sense!?

There are some things in life that don’t make sense.

This is one of them…

Da Fuck?

So, as well as having superhuman looks, superhuman wit and general superhuman amazing-ness, I also have superhuman strength.

I can break metal bitchez so don’t be messing wit’ me.

Why do we say a “pair of pants” when it’s just one… shouldn’t it be just a “pant”?

Why can Jack Black only play one character in any movie he’s in?

Why are sequels always worse than the original?

*With the exception of Bad Boys 2 ❤

Why do I still find Johnny Depp attractive as a murdering barber with a white streak in his hair?

Why are different religions so adamant that their own one is the true one?

Why are the dinosaurs not in the Bible!?

Why am I so ashamed to have Westlife in my iPod?

Why do the more followers, the more posts and the more tags I use lead to less and less views? God damnit. Stop. Obsessing. Over. Stats.

* But I love all of you who do read my blog 😀

Why do I think my dancing is sexy and provocative when all it does is make people run away in embarrassment?

Why do people let me drink alcohol?

Why am I a muggle? 😦

These are some of life’s big questions that I’ve been struggling with.

As you might be able to tell, I don’t get out much.


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