Hide and Seek

Why is it cats always decide to get themselves into the strangest places?

Like boxes that are clearly too small for them…

Elliot chilling in a very narrow box…

Not sure how she didn’t get stuck…

They sneak into cupboards, washing machines, under the patio in the garden (still boggles my mind) and the scariest… when your lying in bed and they burrow up from the bottom of the duvet and stick their head up next to yours on the pillow. Shits me up.

That was meant for storage, Tilly, not for cats…

Having fun lying underneath my pants, Frazzy?


2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. Haha, pigeon sounds? That is quite alarming! šŸ˜› Our pets don’t normally bring the pigeons in alive, so rather than getting the sounds we get a lovely surprise of decapitated bird on the floor :/ Animals are so pleasant sometimes šŸ˜›

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