Baby gurl!?

Okay. You have a boyfriend. I’m sure he’s lovely and different from all the other boys and you love snuggles with him and you like it when he surprises you at work with flowers and you love him thiiiiis much an- I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! STOP POSTING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE EACH OTHER ON FACEBOOK. SAVE IT FOR THE PRIVACY OF YOUR BEDROOM OR SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE I DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT. AAARRRGGGGHHHOHMYGOD!!!

I’m sorry. I am in need of a serious rant after I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed:

JS: Missing my baby already u are so sweet thanks for the surprise love u always baby my one and only ♥ :*

JR: Awwwwwww baby :* love u baby girl xxxxxxxxxxx

JS: Awwwwww i no u do baby always and foreva baby ur the best ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No. You are 15. You say this about every boy/girlfriend you have. You are not in love. You are not going to be togevaa forevaa. They are not your one and only. Just shut up.

Worst thing is, JS is related to me. Oh God, the shame.

And did you really say, “baby girl?”

This is what I think when I hear anyone say that. And it freaks the fuck out of me.


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