My cat attacks vets and runs into doors…

I have about fifty-bazillion and four cats. And today, one of them provided me with great entertainment when he ran into the glass door.

Cruel. But funny.

Like this.

Frazzle getting into the Christmas mood! He loves it really…

Now this cat has some serious issues. For starters, my mum named him after a bag of Frazzle crisps so really, he was doomed from day one. He’s also quite boss-eyed and so always has that “oh, I’ve just been hit in the face by a frying pan” look about him (I haven’t, by the way, I’m not quite that cruel). He’s also got this crazy, feral streak. When we got our cat Elliot he went off the rails and wouldn’t let anyone go near him. He attacked the vet, who then had to go and call for backup to try and get him back in his basket. It was pretty much a military operation, I thought they might get the drugged darts in. Now every time he goes back the vet is sure to wear gloves.

He smacked my dad around the face once too. That was pretty funny actually, and it was one hell of a jump! My dad ended up with a pretty deep cut on his nose and I ended up with sore stomach muscles from laughing so much. The vet even recommended getting a cat behaviour counsellor for him. He lost the plot a little bit I think.

Little bit evil. We always get the weird animals.


5 thoughts on “My cat attacks vets and runs into doors…

  1. One of our five cats… who looks a little like yours… was chasing light reflections from moving vehicles. She leapt from a five foot high cabinet across two feet of open air and smashed right into a wall before sliding down it to the floor. She’s not the brightest of our bunch!

  2. Haha, that’s brilliant, I love cats, they are so funny! Another of my cats can’t balance… unusual for cat I know… and is forever falling off of the fence when she tries to walk across it!

  3. He looks identical to my cat, which also happens to be a complete dumbass 😛 One of my old cats was like that with the vet to start with too, and instead of gloves, he rubbed his hands in cat nip, and suddenly this violent shitty little fat cat who half the time I couldn’t even go near was rolling around in the vets arms purring! I was like WHAT THE FRACK?! 😛 I tried to see if cat nip made my cat now (the psycho one that looks like yours :)) loveable, but it just makes him go even more spaz -_____- Cats are funny little things 🙂

    • Oh catnip is so much fun. We have got our cats these catnip mice for Christmas (yes, it is sad that we get our pets Christmas presents :P) and it’s so funny watching them spaz out. One of our cats, very lazy, very docile, used to go mental, hide in a box, attack it and your hand if you went near her and then run around for a while. ❤ getting cats high!

      • Haha don’t worry, we get our cat presents too! 🙂 And we have actually bought catnip mice for him as well! 😛 Hahaha getting cats high on catnip definately does have to be one of the funniest things, turns the most lazy cat into a psychopath 😛

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