Bored. So bored.

I’m bored. So very bored. So I thought I’d let all you know how bored I am. I don’t even have anything interesting to talk about, I’m so bored.

I feel like a kid, moping around yelling, “Muuuuuuum, I’m bored!” every five minutes throughout the whole day. I’m used to living with people and always having something to do. I can’t cope with being back at home! Not to mention the weather. Eurgh, it might be typically British to moan about the weather but do we really need this much rain!? It’s June! Give us some sun!

This is basically me:

So today, my day has consisted of: Get up. Not be able to go shopping as planned because of the torrential rain. Moan to my mum that I can’t go shopping because of the torrential rain. Eat breakfast. Tidy my bedroom- things are always bad if this is something I do by choice. Repeatedly press the refresh button on Facebook to see if someone has spoke to me. Nope. Repeatedly press the refresh button on my WordPress stats to see if they go up. Barely. Pretty slow day today. Get stuck babysitting my two little brothers. Found my brothers Bob the Builder puzzle ridiculously hard to complete. Convinced myself that pieces were missing to try and justify the fact I couldn’t do a three year old’s puzzle. Lying to myself. The pieces were there, I was just being thick.

Highlight of my day: Trip to Tesco. Yes. I’m only 19 years old and the excitement in my life has resorted to this. There was an offer on deodorant as well. Love my life.

But then I came home and watched this…



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