You said “yes”? Right, that’s the end of life as you know it!

What’s your biggest regret? Do you have one? Or are you happy with everything that’s happened? Every choice you have made? Every tiny decision that has formed your life?

If so, I’m jealous.

It amazes me how one teeny tiny “yes” or “no” can affect your entire future. One example for me was when I wanted to change secondary schools when I was 13. If I had, I wouldn’t have the same friends. I wouldn’t have the same personality. I wouldn’t have had the same experiences- both the good ones, and the bad.

Or would I? Is our life already decided for us? Would I still end up the person I am today if I had just said “yes”?

Your whole life is made up of billions of minuscule choices, even the ones you may not consider meaningful. The decision to say (or not to say) a certain thing might change the course of your future. The decision to do (or not to do) a particular thing may also alter your life. The decision to go to that certain bar at that certain time meant that you met that certain person who you end up married to. The decision to walk on that certain route home and witness that certain event that made you want to change your career and your life. There are those decisions you are glad you made, then there are those that you regret. But, given a second chance, would you make the same choice, or would you change? How much of your life can one decision effect?

Is life full of coincidences or is it fate?


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