Sometimes, I don’t want to grow up.

Sometimes, getting older sucks. When you’re still in school you take for granted the people there. You just expect to go into class and see your best friend, stare at the guy you fancy, nod at the people you barely know and ignore the people you can’t stand. Even if you don’t go to the same school as your friends, you still live in the same area, still close enough to visit each other every weekend. Occasionally someone will move away, but that’s so rare you don’t think about it, and you still have your other friends to hang out with.

And then you get older and you leave school and everyone goes their separate ways. Some get a job, a lot go to Uni. Most people move away. Out of the hometown that you all grew up in. Admittedly, when I picked my University I wanted to be as far away as possible from home. It wasn’t until I moved away and realised how difficult it is to visit anyone or be visited, and how hard it is and how infrequent (not to mention expensive!) it is to go home that I started to regret my decision. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Uni, I’ve made some really good friends and the location is definitely better than my hometown, but I do often wish I had picked somewhere a bit closer to home.

A very close friend of mine told me he might be getting a job abroad; another of my best friends is going to America for a few months next year; I might be going abroad for a year’s work experience during my third year of Uni; even my brother wants to go to Uni in Australia (although unlikely, he’s too lazy to get himself a job). Thinking about this is when it really hit me how things have changed. I guess I just expected some people to be around all the time, every time I come back home, every time I just fancy a chat.

Sometimes, I really hate getting growing up.


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