“If I won the lottery, I’d pay someone to bump you off!”

I’ve been pretty rubbish recently and haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been so busy keeping up-to-date with Glee and New Girl, getting fat eating a copious amount of Easter egg, teaching my little brother a “gangsta handshake” and generally procrastinating that I had a bit of a writers block.

So what have you missed?

I’ve been at home with the family for the last month. My mum complains that she can’t use my room for hanging up the washing in and my dad told me that if he won the lottery he would pay someone to bump me off ❤

I’ve also made a pretty important life decision and I’m changing my degree course. I find psychology interesting and everything and I really admire people in the profession, especially after all the help I got from them, but I’m not passionate about it. So, I’ve basically wasted a whole year and a whole lot of money, but I’m changing my course to the one I originally wanted to do- Animal Behaviour and Welfare. I’m aware this is very different but I’ve always wanted to go into conservation, even more so after visiting Costa Rica and getting hands on conservation experience. I think I chose psychology for the wrong reasons- it was something I was good at and I liked my teachers I think more than the actual subject. But hopefully, next year I will be doing something I actually love. Otherwise, I’m screwed. Maybe Tesco will take me back :/

It was also my little brother’s first birthday party on the weekend! It was nice, I never got to celebrate my other brothers first birthday because work wouldn’t let me have a day off, “He’s not your son!” However, you know those family members like your great aunts, uncles and second cousins- the one’s you only ever see at weddings and birthdays a couple of times a year? Well, there was a lot of them. You get past the small talk stage where they ask you the usual questions and say the usual things: “Oh, so how’s uni going?” “Oh my, don’t you look older!” “You got a boyfriend yet?”

And you answer politely even though you know that they couldn’t really give a shit: “Ooh, it’s great, such hard work,” “Oh, haha, yeah, I guess it must be my new hair,” “Hahahaha, nooo, I’m too concerned with my studies for boys!”

When what you really want to say is, “Uni’s great, I get so drunk that I’m sick at least twice a week then sleep till midday,” “Of course I fucking do, I haven’t seen you in a year, you daft bat!” and “Mind your own business nosy, even if I do, do you really think I’ll tell you?!” Obviously you don’t unless you want to be branded a sociopath and kept locked away from people from the rest of your life.

After surviving that stage though, it gets worse. You get to phase 2: the awkwardly standing next to each other phase, neither of you knowing what else to say, not knowing each other well enough to make proper conversation.  This is my cue to leave and grab a sandwich or a cake or a handful of crisps. I ate so much that day, I felt sick.

Thanks to everyone who is reading my blog. Despite not blogging for ages, my views keep going up. Yay!