Don’t ever remind me of my school-days

I cringe at my younger self. Like, honestly cringe in shame and embarrassment when I remember how I used to act.

In year 7 I hysterically cried in class because I lost my locker key and couldn’t get my new coat out.

In year 8, a boy I fancied said, “I’ll see you later.” To which I shouted, “NO YOU WON’T.” Urm… :/

In year 9, I shouted out in my RE class, “WHAT’S A VIBRATOR” after overhearing someone behind me’s conversation.

In sixth form, to my teacher who I was a little bit in love with, as he was taking his blazer off saying, “oh, I’m hot,” I decided to yell out, “YOU BET YOU ARE.” The girls in the back of the classroom heard. And I was as close to the front as you could possibly get.

Perhaps most embarrassingly, I fell up the stairs on my way into class, hit my knee so hard I passed out and hit my head on a door, came round to a girl shouting, “I FORT SHE WOZ JOKIN” then threw up in a bin.

How is this even possible!?

To make things worse, I didn’t even break my kneecap like I thought I had, I merely ended up with a bruised knee, red face and limp for a few days. With people coming over to me asking “oooh are you OK, I heard you passed out!” Great.

Then my teacher drew a lovely picture of it on the whiteboard for everyone to see, that looked something like this…


3 thoughts on “Don’t ever remind me of my school-days

  1. Me, I reckon you kinda like those memories in a marvelous, twisted, screwy kind of a way – and I get you, I really do – long-past cringe moments make us laugh at ourselves, make us charming and relatable-to. And oh-so, oh-sew (that’s me, the lil sewer) human!

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