A Friday night as a student… Hitting up the library hard!

I’m a student. In particular, I’m a fresher. It’s a Friday night, what do you think I would be doing?!


My expectations:

My reality:


To make things worse, I’m not even doing anything productive. To stop myself from working I’ve watched an episode of Glee, ate a ridiculous amount of sweets (NOTE: do not ever buy toffee covered in chocolate flavoured coating- it’s weird and disgusting), played Fat Boy Raids The Cookie Factory, watched more Glee, moaned about the weird chocolate flavour coated toffee, started writing this blog and… oh yes… watched more Glee.

So far, I’ve written about two lines. Proud. But now I’m tired and hungry (despite three packets of sweets and a bag of crisps) so I think I might treat myself to McDonald’s to congratulate myself for all my hard work.

The exciting life of a student.


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