Religion is like a penis…

I’m aware this post is of a somewhat controversial topic. I apologise if anyone is offended but, well, it’s a free country so I’m gonna say it anyways 🙂

“I have no explanation for complex biological design. All I know is that God isn’t a good explanation, so we must wait and hope that somebody comes up with a better one.” — Richard Dawkins

Yes. I’m out of the closest. I am an atheist, a non-believer, I’m blind and need to be saved. Whatever.

When my Catholic teacher found out that I didn’t believe in God he called me, “a soulless cretin” and apparently “expected more of me” (he was a complete legend so I forgave him). But imagine if it was the other way around. If I told a Christian that I expected them not to be so silly, there clearly is no God- well, I would be going straight to Hell.

“It’s as arrogant as telling someone how to believe in God and if they don’t accept it, no matter how open-hearted and honest their dissent, they’re going to Hell. Well, that doesn’t sound very Christian, does it?” Sue Sylvester, Glee. Yes, I am a MASSIVE Gleek.

It may be completely lame to use a Glee quote, but still. I’ve had people telling me that they will pray for me to ‘find the light;’ they don’t want a nice girl like me going to Hell.

I have my own reasons for not believing, just as people who do believe have theirs.

For starters, call me sceptical, but how is it possible for there to be this big, powerful guy watching down on us all? I just can’t see it happening to be honest. To me, it doesn’t seem realistic. I can’t say I’m a big supernatural believer in general.

Secondly, I’m science-y. I need proof. Right, OK, I can’t prove that God doesn’t exist. But like Russell said when he was going on about a teapot, yes you can’t prove it wrong but it would be absurd to accept that there is actually a teapot orbiting in space purely because you can’t disprove it.

Furthermore, there are so many contradictions- how, how, can someone be omnibenevolent and omnipotent and let all this war and unfair suffering take place in the world. Evil surrounds us everyday, surely a God wouldn’t allow that? And if God created us, why would He create me as a non-believer and create other people as gay? He wanted people to know he was real and he disapproves of gay people, right? He’s all powerful, right? He’s all loving, yes? Well, seeing as though ignorance of God and loving someone of the same sex is evil enough to send us to Hell, that doesn’t sound right? He made me an atheist and he’s going to let me burn in Hell for that? He’s made someone else homosexual and they are eternally damned? That doesn’t seem very “all-loving” to me.

And lastly, to my main point… WHERE ARE ALL THE DINOSAURS IN THE BIBLE?!

I will accept that there are some good things about religion. I like the atmosphere of churches and cathedrals. I like the calm, peaceful beauty they have. There are charities set up that are religious and do some really great work. My friends who went to Church Youth Groups also had loads of fun and there was a good feeling of family and togetherness. But, on the other hand, religion causes war. It causes conflict. And what pisses me off the most is that women and gay people are not treated the same. To say that being homosexual is wrong and unnatural is disgusting and no excuses should be made just because it’s “against your religion.” Yes, not every Catholic holds that view but some, including the Pope, do. Why are we wasting our time trying to stop same sex marriages when there is poverty and war and a hundred more important things out there to be dealing with?

I wasn’t always this sure about my belief. Before the horrific year that I turned a teenager, I was unsure. I liked to think there could be someone looking over me. Maybe I was being naive but every slight belief in a God was crushed when I turned 13. I prayed and I prayed for my nanny, my dog and my cat to stop being sick. I prayed that my mum would make up with her dad so I could see my granddad again. I prayed that I would stop acting crazy and stop feeling so anxious. I prayed that these unwanted and intrusive thoughts about death would get out of my head! That’s when I realised that no one was listening to me. That’s when I stopped believing.

I’ll respect other people’s religious views. But respect that I don’t believe. And if you preach at me, I will cut you 0:)


7 thoughts on “Religion is like a penis…

  1. I believe in being a good human being. Whether i dedicate myself to a God or not, it is none of other people’s business. Quit trying to convert me!!! haha.

    The funny thing is that, the more people try to convert me, the more i refuse to believe in them or their God.

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  3. They say atheists think more about God than believers! 🙂

    The problem with faith-based religions is that they are hell-bent (ironically) on imposing their beliefs on you. “Sex is bad, homosexuality is bad, non-church going is bad…” and the list goes on. Some people even go to the extreme of believing that only people of their religion would go to Heaven, and their place is ‘guaranteed’ even if they were bad, but people of other faith who are good still wouldn’t get in. What is Heaven? Some kind of a secret club??
    If God discriminated in such a way, then we are better off not believing in one or ignoring God even if He existed.

    I like the following story which underpins my philosophy in life:
    There was a Hindu priest and prostitute who happened to live opposite each other. Every morning, the priest would pray at the altar he had at the entrance of his house. The prostitute, up early would be sitting outside watching him and thinking ‘what a blessed life he has, serving God every day…such a good man unlike me and my screwed up life as a prostitute’. The priest on the other hand, while praying would be thinking, ‘God, why does this bitch have to be sitting out here every morning when I’m praying? What a low-life prostitute of a woman…’
    Long into the future when they both died, the prostitute went to heaven and the priest to hell!
    The story teaches us that it does not matter who you project yourself to be on the outside, what matters is that you have good thoughts and are a good person on the inside!

    I normally blog about my travels, but I do have one on karma if you are interested:

    • I do think there is quite a lot of irony in religion! That’s a really good story, and I agree, just because someone might not seem “good” on the outside, it doesn’t mean they are not! And vice versa! Thanks for commenting and I’ll check out your blog 🙂

  4. I’ll bet there are more of us collapsed Catholics who are either atheists or agnostics than any other religion! Did you hear the one about the guy who went to heaven and was being shown around by St. Peter? When they passed a huge fenced-in area, the guy asked St. Peter what was behind it. “The Catholics,” St. Peter replied. “They think they’re up here by themselves.” 😉

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