Slutty nurse? Naah, I prefer Friar Tuck :/

When’s the best time to dress like a slut? Fancy dress parties of course! The only appropriate clothing is something that you would find in an Ann Summers store. We’ve all seen Mean Girls. Unfortunately, in terms of fancy dress- I’m a Cady.

You see, I tend to think I’m hilarious, even if no one else does. I like to actually dress ‘up’ rather than dress ‘down’ to practically my underwear.

It all started when I performed for the first time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. My drama group had a annual fancy dress party so, thinking it was pure brilliance, I wore a ginger wig attached to a tartan hat. I had decided to dress up as a Scottish man, because, well, we were in Scotland! Funny, no?

You would think I learnt my lesson that first year, after all the weird looks but naaah, I still thought I was pretty damn funny. So next year, I came back, this time armed with a friend and dressed up as a pair of tramps.

Halloween, now that annoys me. I don’t wanna see a cat or a slutty devil- you are supposed to be SCARY people! For me, I dressed up as the girl from the ring- I even put my dads wax in my hair to make it look like I’d been drowned. Now, I’m not one to brag, but I looked hella scary!

Another, more awkward Halloween was when I went with a couple of friends to a fancy dress curry. Yeah, we full-on dressed up as dead children, I brought my teddy bear and everything. More than a little embarrassing when we were sat in the restaurant, the only ones in costume…

One day, for a school charity thing, I merely put a moustache on and went as a man. Moustaches are somewhat a speciality of mine. No costume is complete without one. I kicked my teacher out of the classroom once and got the whole class to put a moustache on for when he came back. It was amazing. For the last day of school, and I pride this as being my best costume, whilst the rest of my tutor group were ladybirds and zebras and cave women, I turned up as fat Friar Tuck. Moustache, bald patch, fat belly, the works! So next time you go to a fancy dress party, get creative!

And I am very aware that these are the first photo’s I have posted of myself and I look a little bit strange : )


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