Inflatable Cats, Sunstroke and Weird Drunken Web Searches

So I’ve not blogged for a bit, been busy enjoying my freedom! AKA watching back to back episodes of Game of Thrones only to emerge, blinking into the light, when I’ve run out of ice-cream. I wish I were kidding. But Ben & Jerry’s has been half price.

So exams are over for another year (hopefully)! And for the first time in three years I finished before my birthday. I am now 21! Scary Mary. And to celebrate my entrance into true adulthood, I spent the day, sitting in the scorching sun, drinking from 11am, eating pizza and ending the night skinny dipping in the sea. As fun as this may sound, it turned out to be quite a stupid, and dangerous idea. I burnt like a lobster over the day. No one quite believes how excessively I burn, until they see if with their own eyes. Two hours in the sun before I could grab sun cream, and a week and a half later my shoulder (just one, goddamnit) is still red. I blame my dad. I may not be fully ginger, but he was and I have inherited his pasty, freckly skin. Anyway, a mixture of day drinking and sun led to a very dehydrated birthday girl wearing party pants and a massive badge. Then jumping into very cold water with such an overheated body was not a good plan. I ended up with sunstroke. Now, if anyone had ever had sunstroke, they know how awful it is. I spent my first morning of being a fully grown adult, with my head in the toilet for three hours, my body temperature so high I was violently shivering and shaking, unable to walk without feeling nauseas and so weak. I do not recommend.

Aside from that, I had a great 21st and it was certainly memorable! I’m going to see Les Miserables at the West End as a present from my parents. I am SO excited about that. I literally know every word to every song, the audience are going to hate me. I’ve also really wanted a pet. I love my animals, but being at university I’ve only got a hamster, Rafeeki. My mum is getting another kitten and I’ve been nagging and nagging about letting me get a cat. So my mum told me for my birthday she had got me something I’ve always really wanted. I was so excited. Is she finally going to say I can have a cat!?



Thinking she is HILARIOUS she got me a balloon cat saying, “now you have a cat that you can take for a walk and it’s free!” So witty.

As I’ve already mentioned, exams are over so naturally I’ve been celebrating. Typical student style: alcohol and food. I realised how much of a student I am the other day when I had to iron my dress with a hair dryer. It kinda worked. Kinda. Yes, I don’t own an iron. Yes, that is the first time I have “ironed” in a year. Probably the second time in total since I arrived at university three years ago. Probably the same dress too.

I’ve also realised that my mind gets very strange when under the influence of alcohol. Recently, after nights out, I have found myself researching very strange things on the web. Such as, the Illuminati. And the other night I was watching motivational videos about “what would you do if money were not an issue.” I don’t really know what gets into me when I’ve had a cheeky vodka.

But now, I am going to bed. I had to slave away last night behind the bar at our university summer ball. Didn’t get to bed until 7am. Goddamn work. How am I gonna deal next year when I’m a graduate?


Happy Jesus Zombie Day!

Well, I’m aware I’m a bit late on the Happy Easter thing. But I’ve been moving back to my university house and doing coursework (4am, drunk in the library) so I can be let off!

So over the Easter holidays, I’ve been back staying with my parents. I have little brothers and as everyone knows, kids come out with some of the best lines. A couple of days ago I got:

You’re very heavy aren’t you? Even Spiderman can’t lift you!

Well thank you, I’m aware I’ve gained a little chocolate weight -_-

Over Easter, I also received my souvenir photo from Miranda Hart! Still cannot believe I ended up on stage with her! Massive love ❤



I want her to be my BFF.

That boy in the picture with me who was my “date.” That is not wine in his wine glass. No sir, it is coke. Poor guy was only 16 aha. We had a list of questions about our most embarrassing moments. His was, “I got drunk and woke up in a bath. But please don’t say that on stage, my mum will kill me!” Bless.

I’m sure everyone’s also seen about Britain’s youngest parents! 12 years old!!! Can’t even be called a teenage mum! Children having children. How weird. I was thinking about this on one of my very boring shifts at work. When I was 12 the only thing I was looking after was sea monkeys. And I purposefully stopped feeding them because they got boring and just wouldn’t die.

And now I’m back at uni. Exams start next week, but I have managed to get me a job behind the bar and brought myself a celebratory hammock. Hurrah!

Zoos, Coffee Shops, Prostitute Fights and Sex Shops.

So I’m back in England again. Hurrah. After a brilliant and, somewhat bizarre, ten days in the Netherlands! The first five days were spent on literally the easiest field trip I have ever had. We went to four zoos- Burger Zoo, Rotterdam, Apenheul Primate Park and Amsterdam Zoo- did a little research, but spent the rest of the time wandering around, enjoying (although in some cases, not so much) the animals. Some highlights of the trips were having a squirrel monkey jump on my arm, seeing a family of elephants and watching a manatee swim under us.


And then, after a hard week of visiting zoos 😉 we went to Amsterdam!!!

Now, I have seen some creepy men in England. I’ve heard some interesting lines. I even wrote a post about it.

But wow. The Dutch are even weirder.

We left our hostel (one star, outside covered in graffiti, living the high life) and had literally walked a few houses when a strange builder man shouted at us:


Whilst making, what I suspect, were booby motions with his hands. Nice.

Another of my faves was this big, black guy walking towards us. He was huge. You’d expect a deep, manly voice. Nope. Instead we got.

“Hello babies!”

In a really high pitched, girly voice. Bit of a shock. It sounded like he was on helium.

Amsterdam was just so surreal. Sex shops and coffee shops everywhere. The red light district. I can officially say I have touched a prostitute from the red light district. A couple of them were having a row, and one of the women came out from behind her window in a ‘shit’s got real’ type of way, and bumped into me. We also saw some, clearly lady-boys, trying to cover up their blue light to pretend they were just women. Imagine the shock! Unfortunately also got to witness a very old man going into a very young girls window and a very young boy going into a very old woman’s room. Kind of need to scrub my eyes out after this holiday. The sex museum did also not help.


Now I’m not condoning drugs in any way. I’m mostly anti-drugs. But Hell, when in Amsterdam 😉 Just some words of advice if you do decide to try it.

  1. Do not mix weed and alcohol. Especially space cakes. As my friend found out when she had no idea where she was or what she was doing.
  2. Space cakes are much stronger than a joint. So for your first go, don’t have a whole one. And don’t just eat loads because you feel it isn’t working. It can take about 2 hours to kick in. As I found out when everyone else had fallen asleep, just as the effects hit me!
  3. Weed in Amsterdam is much stronger! Wouldn’t push your luck!
  4. Finally, there are sooo many different types its unbelievable. If you get stuck, just ask the person who works there. Everyone speaks English! Heck, most people are English!


Another pretty cool moment in Amsterdam was that we- without realising it- turned up right before a mass pillow fight outside the Palace, for International Pillow Fight Day. We didn’t have any pillows, but after about ten minutes of fighting, pillow cases scattered the floor. So we grabbed ourself some cases, re-stuffed it, and joined in on the fun! Smacking strangers round the head with pillows was surprisingly good fun!


My highlight however, was Anne Franks house. We queued for about an hour and a half, but it was worth every moment. If you ever go to Amsterdam, it is a must see. Such a tragic inspiration, at such a young age, it was haunting to see the place in which 8 people hid, for two years. Surreal to see her actual diary, that actual bookshelf, the actual marks on the wall her mother made to record her growth. A truly moving and humbling experience, I would recommend to anyone.

Off to the Netherlands!!!

I’m starting to get super excited as I’m off to the Netherlands tomorrow.The first 6 days is part of a university field trip, where will be staying near Utrecht and conducting research at four zoos- Burger, Amsterdam, Apenheul Primate Park and Rotterdam zoo. I’m most excited about Apenheul as it’s the first zoo where monkeys are free roaming. The next 5 days will be spent with my friends in Amsterdam!

As is customary for me when I go to a new place, I have made a mini bucket list of all of the things I need to do in Amsterdam/ Utrecht.

  1. Visit a coffee shop.
  2. See Anne Franks house.
  3. Chill out at Vondelpark.
  4. Go to Albert Cuypmarkt.
  5. Ride a bike in Amsterdam.
  6. Ride a bike from the hostel to Utrecht.
  7. Visit the Royal Palace.
  8. Have a drink in the Irish Pub.
  9. Go to the Red Light District.
  10. Have a boat ride along the canal.
  11. Have a night out in Amsterdam.
  12. Climb the Domtoren (Utrecht)

If there’s anything else anyone can recommend let me know! Can’t wait!

Is it right to kill our animals?

I’m an animal behaviour and welfare student and got into a bit of a debate with someone on my course about Marius the giraffe, sparked by this article..

She believes a genetically “dead” animal should be killed in the name of conservation. That genetically sound animals should be favoured. That we dissect and kill animals every day without thought, but because its a “cute, cuddy mammal” opinions are different. 

I do not agree. Call me a hippy or whatever, but an innocent, healthy animal does not deserve to be slaughtered. It is the humans fault alone that the animals have become inbred. We have kept them in captivity. It is especially unjust when it is an animal such as the giraffe. It’s status is of least concern, it is merely there for humans to look at, there is no conservation purpose. The zoo had plenty of offers from other places who would have taken the giraffe rather than kill it. They didn’t give the giraffe up to any zoos, including one in Yorkshire with giraffe facilities and a space for another male because “any space should be reserved for a genetically more important giraffe.” Personally, I don’t agree with this, humans putting animals into captivity and killing them because they are worthless to their aims. In a similar way I’m not a fan of zoos, the only way we can really help is by putting more effort into saving habitats rather than breeding a few animals that are not capable to being released into the wild anyway, and then killing them if they are surplus. I agree with the aims of Born Free or PETA for example that aim to help groups that rescue/ care for animals but don’t breed them, as breeding them leads to things like this. 

But hey, quite a few people seem to disagree with me! What does everyone else think?


I don’t really have much to say today, but just wanted to post this clip.This ending is my favourite of any film. The song is one of my favourites, a classic. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favourite films of all time.

I even have a lame drawing on my wall of this quote:Image

I love this quote more every time I look at it. I want more moments like that, with people I actually care about. Just those little moments, sitting in the park at night… staying up talking instead of sleeping… listening to that song and screaming because it’s “your song.” Gah, there are people I hate to think about, but you can’t help remember the fun you had with them. And I suppose that’s better than having nothing.

It’s moments when I look at the stars and it’s funny. I feel so small and insignificant that I feel infinite. It doesn’t really make sense. But, in the grand scheme of how small we are in comparison to the universe, I feel like I am limitless. My tiny, minuscule part in time is so small that, why should I have any limits? Why shouldn’t I feel infinite?


Not gonna lie, I usually get really annoyed about these “campaigns.” Like “ooh change your Facebook status to the colour of your pants and you will find the cure for blindness.” blah blah blah. There’s no point to these things if no one knows what you are doing and if you’re not actually donating any money/ raising some sort of awareness.

That said, I did upload my no makeup selfie:


This campaign is different to the other ones. For most people. I have still seen a lot of people uploading a picture saying, “#nomakeupselfie” with no donation or hint at what they are doing. WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!? But by nominating people to upload a picture, DONATE and tell people to touch their boobies and their moobies, a difference can actually be made. A million pounds worth of a difference in fact! Cancer Research have a huuuuge influx of donations, mainly via text, in the past 24h hours. So lets keep it going!

Text “BEAT” to 70007 so future generations do not have to suffer from cancer. 

It can be beaten.